A Little Bit About Me…

I’m a Gemini.

I’m an artist of all trades. I’m primarily an aspiring actress (billed under my maiden name, Amy Hoerler). But my bread and butter is earned by doing web and graphic design.

I enjoy arts and crafts.

I love animals–especially dogs.

I’m an auntie!

I used to work in radio (traditional and Internet).

I met my husband Dan while working as a producer at Talkspot. We clicked right away as friends. And then all that other mushy stuff followed. The rest, as they say, is history.

I’m a native Washingtonian.

NYC is my favorite city (but my husband’s least favorite). I eventually want to move to (or near) L.A. to be closer to my family and continue acting.

I enjoy walking along the ocean and picking up shells (I’m a pro at the “Sanibel stoop”). Beach bumming is great!

My husband hails from Wisconsin and comes from a sizable family. He holds a degree from the University of Wisconsin (Green Bay) in Communications and has worked the majority of his life in radio (putting Internet Radio on the map with the Dan & Scott Show).

I hold a B.A. from the University of Washington (communications) and a B.A. from Western Washington University (psychology {major}, anthropology {minor}).

Being an Air Force brat certainly had it’s perks: I spent many summers traveling across Europe and learning about different cultures.

My hubby and I are addicted to TV.

I love clothes! Favorites include fitted jackets/coats, trenchcoats, comfy Ts, jeans, boots, cute shoes, hand-knit sweaters, DIY items, vintage clothing (mainly Victorian/Edwardian and 1930s inspired fashions and accessories). Prized possession: LV pochette.

I love shopping at thrift stores.

I’m a sucker for anything cute.

I think dogs are the best creatures on the planet.

One of my goals is to start my own pet charity.

I love colors that reflect nature.

Hobbies include computing, drawing, painting, crafting, decorating, shopping, watching movies/TV, taking walks, traveling, spending time with family and friends.

Interests: arts & crafts, acting, travel, TV, movies, web surfing, dogs, nature, vintage, antiques, thrifting, genealogy, art, beachcombing, decorating, design, shopping, drawing, painting, art, theater, crafts, film, dreaming.

Favorite food of all time: chocolate (especially Kinder, Ritter Sport, and Lindt chocolate). Beard Papa vanilla cream puffs. Pastries from Paul. Mmmmm!

Vices: sweets, chocolate, coffee, napping, procrastinating.

My Family…

My husband Dan is the most loving, wonderful, caring, and amazing guy in the whole world!

Dan and I met at work. I was assigned to produce The Dan & Scott Show and we became good friends. As the months rolled by, we decided to date. We moved across the country and ended up in New York City, where Dan proposed to me on Ocean Parkway in the summer of 2001.

For those of you who don’t know what Dan does, he is a “longtime radio show host turned marketing guru turned real estate turned t-shirt designer/sales dude” He also co-hosts the Hawaii Travel Podcast with my sister Jennifer.

Dan’s birthday is February 22.

My Parents met back in the 1960’s at a dance club in Germany. Despite cultural and lingual differences, they eventually married and moved to the US, where I was born. We moved back to Germany, where–five years later–my sister arrived. Because my Dad was in the Air Force, we lived in Germany and the US. This allowed my sister and I to embrace both our German and American culture and heritage.

After serving over 20 years in the Air Force, my Dad moved us back to Washington state to run the family business. My parents put my sister and I through college–their greatest gift to us. Now, semi-retired, they spend half their time in Palm Desert, California–enjoying their much deserved “good life.”

Mom and Dad have two extra spoiled furkids–Charlie and Tiny.

My sister Jennifer is amazing. She is a SAHM, married to Ben Davis. They have a boy named Daniel Kahanamoku, a girl named Anna Michelle Sojourner, and a three-legged rescue dog named Butch. Jen loves Hawaii (check out the Hawaii Travel Podcast) and Disney.

In Memoriam | R.I.P.: Heaven has gained back all these angels: Oma, Opa, Grandma, Grandpa, Onkel Arthur, Tante Martha, Onkel Ludwig, Gerda, Tante Burga, Uncle Ed, Aunt June, Nancy Schulz…Olive Schulz, Baby Schulz, Rusty Schulz, Jack Schulz, Lulu Schulz, Libby Schulz, Beanut Hoerler, Winnie Hoerler, Chippy Hoerler, Walter von Puppington (Davis), Shatzi Hoerler, Hansi Hoerler, Teddy Bear Hoerler, Ram Schulz, Brownie Schulz, Spot Schulz, Clairefish Schulz, and Mouseume Schulz. May you all rest in peace.

My Furkids…

Taco Schulz: A sweet little chi guy who came to us via a friend of mine. This middle-aged guy couldn’t get along with his human family’s kids, so my friend placed him with us. We could not be happier. Taco has taken a liking to his new sisters (particularly Cassie) and is totally spoiled and cuddled. He enjoys couch-time and walkies. Such a good boy!

Flora Schulz came to us via Dan’s sister, Lauren, whose friend could no longer keep her. Originally named ‘Little Bit’, we changed her name to ‘Flora’ because she looks like a chocolate flower. The thing about Flora (Floree, La Floree, Flouree, Florelle, Flower) is that she loves food, getting tummy rubs, giving kisses, and playing. She’s such a great little dog and absolutely adorable (and she knows it!).

Millie Schulz: We were so lucky to have adopted Millie from the same rescue that we adopted her real-life half-sister Cassie from. Kim from Pawsibilites is an absolute angel! She saw how happy Cassie was with us and let us know about Millie. Needless to say, we instantly fell in love with her and adopted her on the spot.

After bringing her home, she instantly reconnected with Cassie, got to know and love Olive, explored her new digs, claimed her toys, wrestled and played, and settled into her new life.

Millie loves playing with her sister Cassie, loves every kind of toy and treat, enjoys wrestling and exploring, napping, cuddling, watching TV, and barking. She’s full of spunk and energy and she’s very intelligent. And–just like all of our other furbabies–she’s full of love!

Millie (Milleaux, Moo, Milliemooter, Dis Da Moo, Moo-Moo, Mooter, Suchamoo, Princess Woo-Woo, Moojelle) celebrates her birthday on December 19.

Cassie Schulz: We found this itty-bitty, two-year old furbaby on Petfinder and adopted her right after meeting her (on Valentine’s Day!)

Though Cassie isn’t too keen on playing, she loves getting pets and belly rubs. She loves Pup Peroni and treats. Her favorite activities are relaxing, sleeping, digging, cuddling, and playing ‘ninja’ with Millie.

Cassie a cute little cuddle bug who has nothing but love (and kisses) to give. She is the perfect little Valentine every day–a little bundle of love!

Cassie (aka Casseal, Caplet, Cassiebonbon, Cassbonie, Seal Baby, Cassienoodle, Cassbunny, Cass, Cassidoodle, Cassolie, Cassinude) celebrates her birthday on February 13.

Olive Schulz (R.I.P.): We rescued little Olive baby from a shelter in Orlando. We knew after reading her profile online that she would be a perfect fit–a snuggle buddy for Rusty and a playmate for Jack–and we were right!  Olive (aka Javachip, Chip, Olily, Chiplet, Chipper, Chip Baby, Chavachip, Java, Owl, Olli, Owlive, Chocolate Girl, Bunny, Chava Bunny, Wookie, Wookiechip) loved to play–she wiggled, wagged, dug, and chased toys. Her favorite toys were balls, squeaky toys, and stuffed animals. She was 110% high energy packed in a little eleven pound body. She pulled out all the stops when it came to Pup Peroni. She loved food, the beach, and chasing lizards. She was an actress. She was a terrier through and through!

Olive celebrated her birthday on February 22. In the last two weeks of her life, she suddenly became very ill, very quickly. While Dan was away on business, I had to let her go. I called Kim Simons, DVM, at Lap of Love and the she put my Wookiechip to sleep in the most serene setting–at home. She passed away on June 4, 2016 in my arms. God, I will miss her so much, but I know she’s waiting for me in Heaven.

Baby Schulz (R.I.P.): Sweet little Baby came into our lives after her owners passed away. We were fortunate enough to share caring for her with our friends, Suzanne and Larry. Baby had a good life with us. Surrounded by her sisters Olive, Cassie, and Millie, Baby was never bored and even learned how to play a little. This little grandma doggy was sure a loving sweetheart, and we all wish we could have known her longer. She is missed. We’ll see you in Heaven, Baby!

Rusty Schulz (R.I.P.)My sister Jennifer and her husband Ben brought us Rusty–a cute little old grandpa doggy from Seattle–whom they rescued from a bad situation. They wanted Rusty to relax and retire and enjoy his last remaining years with us in sunny south Florida–which he did–quite comfortably and happily.

We were truly blessed to have Rusty in our life. He was a good little dog whose love we never took for granted.

Good old Rusty (aka Rustoleum, Rah-Rah-Rusty, C-Rust) celebrated his birthday on October 22. He passed on to Heaven January 10, 2012.

Jack Schulz (R.I.P.) : Jack (Jackie-Burl, Jackie-B, Jackie Baby, J-Meux, Meux Baby, J-Bug) was king pup in the Schulz household (‘dog of legend’). He was our very first furbaby Dan and I adopted together, and we had him the longest. We adopted him when he was about six years old and had him for thirteen wonderful years. There’s a big hole in our heart now that he’s gone on to Heaven, but we know he’s in God’s care now…

This native Seattleite had a real life of adventure. From the little town of Renton, WA to the sparkly streets of Manhattan, Jack traveled all over the country–up and down the east and west coasts and all over the north and south. He loved going to parks (“barks”) and beaches with his sister Libby, playing with other dogs, toys (his favorite game was tug-o-war), and napping on the Oma chair in his later years.

Jack was truly bigger than life–a true movie star dog though he never claimed that title. He was very photogenic and hammed it up for the camera or the crowd. While living in NYC, he accompanied us to work each day, spending time on eYada boss Bob Meyrowitz’s sofa. He hobnobbed with celebrities like Jade Barrymore, Debbie Rochon, Mr. T, and David Hasselhoff. Joanna Molloy of the NY Daily News loved him. In fact, everyone did.

Jack’s birthday was February 22 (1993?). He passed on to Heaven September 16, 2011.

Lulu Schulz (R.I.P.): We adopted Lulu from a shelter in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida after seeing her on Petfinder.com. Originally named Minnie–which we thought was appropriate for this 3 1/2 pound little furbaby–my hubby suggested she looked more like a “Lucile” (after Arrested Development’s Lucile I and II). So, we went with that.

Lulu (aka Minnie, Minnie-Lu, Otamota, Mota-Ot) was so happy to have a forever home with us–and we were blessed and lucky enough to have had her the short time we did. We gave her the best home and the most love and care anyone could ever want or wish for. She loved playing, going walkies, napping, and eating (scrambled eggs were her favorite!)–and was truly spoiled in every way.

Lulu’s death was sudden and unexpected (chronic heart failure). She passed on to Heaven on January 10, 2010. Lulu celebrated her birthday on January 22 (1998?).

Libby Schulz (R.I.P.): A few weeks after 9-11, we decided to adopt a friend for Jack. So, we did a search on Petfinder.com and–voila–there she was! We instantly fell in love with ‘Snickers’ and a few days later, we drove down to Staten Island to adopt her.

Libby (aka Tib, Tibby, Tib-O-Lib, Tiberty, Tibowitz,) was Jack’s perfect counterpart. They were the ‘dream team’ of dogs–always together–going walkies, playing, barking, and exploring. Prospect Park was a favorite haunt of theirs. Neighborhood kids would call out “Jack and Libby! Jack and Libby!” They had an ever-growing fan club and everyone knew them on the block.

Of course, it was only natural for New Yorker Lib to retire in sunny south Florida–which is what she did. She loved laying out in the sun, eating, napping, and getting petted. The leisurely life of luxury.

Battling chronic heart failure and seizures, Libby passed on to Heaven July 12, 2008. Her birthday was September 22 (1993?).

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